Potential is within all of us. We want to challenge others to fully take advantage of it, and to show the world what they can do with it. Our team is composed of a handful of young adults who realize that they have the skills, the resources, the creativity, and most importantly, the motivation to use our potential to benefit society.
We started with a simple goal: to give back to the community. Given our determination and our broad range of skills, we knew we had the potential to make a difference. All we needed was an opportunity.
Opportunity came knocking one year ago, when we secured a $5000 grant. With $5000 to work on a project of our choice, we decided to use that money to start a two-fold campaign that advocates youth to prove their potential and fundraises for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation's Capital Campaign. By launching this fundraiser, not only are we trying to lead by example, we are also encouraging others to do the same.
We started off with a modest goal: to sell 2000 shirts, and to donate all the money we make to the Capital Campaign. After a while, though, we thought, let's prove our potential and shoot big: we will sell 5000 shirts.
On April 15, at the AMS Block Party on UBC Campus, we began our 5000-shirt challenge. We've been spreading our message and selling our t-shirts at several events since then at: Metropolis at Metrotown, Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver, POP Opera, Miracle Weekend and more. We'll continue to organize and participate in various events throughout the Lower Mainland. Come find us, check out our t-shirts and get ready to feel inspired, because if we can push our potential to the max, so can you. Now prove it.
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